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Bipolar Scholarship Fund
5815 Rexford Drive, Suite C
Springfield, VA 22152

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Please consider making a contribution. We are a non profit 501c 3 charitable organization and your contributions are tax deductible. And, if you can assist us in any way to help develop the Fund to reach more students in need, please write to us. Thank you for your consideration for this worthy cause.

To make your tax deductible donation today, send a check or money order or use your bill pay system to send your donation to the address shown below. Include your contact information for a receipt.

To donate with a check or money order, please:

Make Payable to:

Bipolar & Schizophrenic Scholarship Fund

must be legible in order for it to be deposited

And Mail to:

TD Bank
1750 Hampton Ave N
Reston, VA 20194

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